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Minicab driver employment in the UK

Our mini cab company is providing job opportunities to experienced and skilled mini cab drivers with a valid UK driver's license. We are established in the heart of London and extend an array of transport services including sightseeing services, airport transfer services, school runs, corporate day hires, special day hires, pick and drop services along with meet and greet facilities, full day hires etc. Our services have been well-appreciated by locals and tourists alike, since the past 30 years. And we continue to satisfy our clientele by providing above par services at affordable rates.

Due to the growing popularity of our mini cab services and increasing demand of our top-notch rides provided at the very economical rates; we are seeking to expand and employ drivers who hold a Public Carriage Office License in London.

We believe in providing quality services to our clientele therefore we search for the best ourselves. We are looking for someone on whom our clients and we, ourselves, can rely upon. The candidates we require need to be multi-talented, that is they need to have strong customer care skills, they need to be well-versed in English language and need to have a firm knowledge regarding the topography of London.

A brief outline of what the job entails is as follows:

  • Polite and well mannered presentation.
  • Punctuality.
  • Assisting the client with their luggage.
  • Advising the client regarding various places in the city including hotels, restaurants, pubs and tourist spots.
  • Responsible driving to and from various destinations around the city.

The selected candidates are required to join promptly and are provided ample training for their time on the road. We extend numerous breaks at different time intervals to our employed drivers. This way they remain fresh for longer periods of time. The tips that the drivers collect are theirs to keep, as fixed fares are a well-celebrated feature of our services.

Also, our employment comes in a variety of options like part-time employment, full-time employment or shift work.

Additionally, we provide our employed drivers with the mini cab, fuel, insurance and maintenance for the mini cab. Our employment mainly consists of cash based work and we make sure that all of our employed staff is satisfied with their job and that they receive their monthly salary on time. Where we promise to keep good care of our customers we also take good care of our staff.

We aim to ensure our clients travel experience, while using our services, is delightful. Hence, we strive to hire the cream of the candidates available for this job.

Mini cab driver employment eligibility criteria

Good mannerisms, sophisticated behavior and polite speech are a must. The candidates should also be good at handling the passengers and assessing their needs, that is they must possess good passenger care skills. A prior job which focuses on customer-care and communication skills with the customers is highly favored.

The outline of the eligibility criteria for the candidates wishing to apply for these positions includes:

  • The candidate must have a Private Hire Driver's license in the UK.
  • The driver must possess a firm knowledge of the geography of the city of London so that they can advise the passengers regarding the landmarks and leisure spots of the city.
  • The candidate must be well-versed in the English language.
  • The driver should have a customer friendly nature.
  • The driver must have great driving skills.
  • The candidate should be able to manage difficult situations while maintaining composure.
  • The driver must possess strong communication skills.